Chronostep is a system development company based in Cebu, Philippines.

Nowadays, there are many smart devices and software such as personal computers, mobile phones, and smartphones, and we can take a step forward to the next generation for our customers. We are aiming for such a company.

Chronostep is a group company of Telenet Inc. We have multiple overseas bases in Japan, the Philippines, the United States, etc., and based on our corporate slogan [Quality], we will also provide high-quality services that will satisfy everyone.

Company Profile

Lab type

Lab-type development is a development model in which the number of engineers with the necessary skills, the required period of time, and the contract as a dedicated team are contracted.


Contract type

For contract type development, development is performed according to the requirements defined in advance.


Dispatch type

It is also called SES, but an engineer is stationed at your company to carry out development.

Our Clients