a matchmaking community application that provides you with all the typical needs of life and encounters: love, marriage,friends, food and experience.
  • Japan's first one-step matchmaking community and experience "no detour" encounters.
  • "Chat and Video Calls someone who chose with only the same purpose."
  • Search functions that can pick up pinpoint needs.
  • "With penalty systems that simultaneously manage safety measures among members."
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Fishing fish shop is a service that matches anglers with restaurants that want to purchase fresh and cheap fish.
  • You can easily use it from the website / dedicated application.
  • Direct product purchase from anglers.
  • Post and share product details.
  • A service that delivers the fish you catch to those who want it.
  • You can get fresh fish by simple exchange.
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is a service that efficiently promotes your brand to foreign travelers through a photo contest using the SNS "Instagram", which is gaining worldwide support from a wide range of age groups . It is useful for creating an opportunity to become a “ seed ” for a large number of word -of-mouth communication.
  • Share and post photos of wonderful items, services and places in Japan and get a chance to win a prize.
  • Information Protection Security Measures
  • You can create "natural word-of-mouth" by the general foreign tourists, not created by expensive influencers.
  • More Instagram posts with your brand's hashtags can provide more information to the inbound you've searched for.
  • You can collect post content that can be used for commercial purposes that captures your company's appeal from a "foreigner's perspective" is bit different from the Japanese sensibility.
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a Japanese marketing company that enables to provide you a 24/7 customer service and customer contact operations for International clients
  • 24/7 Customer Support and quick response time to customer inquiries at all hours of the day.
  • Outbound Call-Taking for Appointment Setting and live transfer Sales.
  • Data Entry, SEO and Website management.
  • Troubleshooting Support for Hardware and Software issues as well as Remote System Administration ( Helpdesk )".
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is a website platform that offers free or paid services to its users.Users can be an instructor or attendees of an online Yoga class from video recorded to live-stream classes.
  • Purchase a plan and take the yoga lesson
  • Introducing your favorite lesson (Premium Live, Webinar Live, On-demand live, On-demand voice)
  • Offers a free or paid lesson depending on the user's plan
  • Online Yoga offers instructor videos recorded & LIVE Stream classes
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is a real estate website platform that provides luxurious properties to the customer.
  • Introducing Real Estate Properties for investment.
  • Have offices branches in Texas, Ohio, LA, and Silicon Valley.
  • Contracts, Loans, Rental tenants, one-stop service is possible while you are in Japan.
  • Information such as tax-saving measures as online membership benefits.
  • Distribute coupons for high attributes and cooperate with other services.
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is a matching service for finding new hobby skills that suit you and sharing your hobby skills to grow into a side business.
  • Raise your hobby as a side business.
  • Hobby Shumi attracts people who want to buy hobby know-how and tips that only you know can improve your hobby skills.
  • Shumi has many friends & masters who same hobby. You can join a community with the same hobbies and share a fun and fulfilling time with your hobbyist.
  • Find a hobby that you can immerse yourself in and enjoy an exciting life.
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is an application that efficiently builds, operates, manage, and expand websites for universities and educational institutions. It uses various scenes such as "remote work of faculty and staff, learning/life supports for students, WEB open campus for examinees and entrance examination report.
  • Cypochi Air support many services such as Cypochi Air CMS, Cypochi Air Form, Cypochi Air FAQ and Cypochi Cloud Service.
  • Cypochi AIR CMS is a CMS platform that allows the university official websites, faculty & staff portals, student support portals to build sites and assemble the functions required "remotely" such as online lectures, online consultation room, assignment distribution, report submission, online application, questionnaire according to the purpose.
  • Cypochi AIR FORM easily create a form just by assembling the question that has prepared the necessary forms for the university official websites in advance such as questions using images and videos, and conditional branching that sets the next question according to the answer.
  • Cypochi AIR FAQ will help the users by enriching FAQ information and reducing the burden by responding to inquires by phone or email.
  • Cypochi Cloud Service is a service that builds a website infrastructure in the public cloud of major data center and provides stable operation.
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connect your online shops with major domestic advertising media such as Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Google and LINE to approach many users which also involves supporting a total of 2,000 companies as an EC Consultant.
  • >Adsist has the concept of "anyone can easily attract customers to the online shops" and has the feature of maximizing the results with the minimum number of operations.
  • Easy management by attracting customers from multiple media at once. Increase good access to your shop from well-known sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Google, and LINE
  • Adsist offers three plans with different prices. There is no minimum contract period. If you are new, Adsist recommend the "Free Plan"
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a contact center CRM ( Customer Relations Management ) that provides employees with access to account information and history in an effort to provide a real-time, personalized customer experience across all channels.
  • Improved data access. Store account information about customers as well as history of past transactions and contacts.
  • Greater communication and accountability. Easily manage agent activity and customer interactions.
  • Enhanced communication across departments. Able to respond faster to customers through the eliminated need for manual processes and fact-checking."
  • Increased sales. Sales associates may manage current customers by handling pre-sales queries and handling post-sales services.
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